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Alexander De Roy

Alexander De Roy


The feeling of freedom is the best feeling that anyone can experience. When you can close your eyes, spread your arms and cut off from the everyday life. When you can enter your own world filled with feelings, emotions and limited only by a human imagination. The world which you can share with others, the closest people. When you jump of euphoria for you cannot resist your joy and the feeling of relief, while the hundreds of people do the same thing with you at the same time and for the same reason. This is what the trance music is for me.
My first fascinations? Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk. It’s because of them why I actually got into electronic music. But for them I’d never have started my music journey, during which I get to know so many amazing people and discover the unknown.
Making covers and replicas of the well-known electronic tunes were the first steps I took towards creating the tracks. When did I feel that “this is really it”? I was about 17 when I first heard Armin van Buuren’s track on the local radio station. That was the moment when I was instantly struck by this thought. That this is the type of music which I really fell for and I wish to express myself with.
Thanks to learning how to use music software and DJ-ing I finally started converting my thoughts into the sounds in the way I wanted. After a few years I gained a honor to learn the tips and advices from the great producers, such as: Arctic Moon, Alexandre Bergheau, A.R.D.I, Matt Mukovski, Enyo, Mario Ayuda, Mino Safy, or Digital Affliction. As a result of this priceless experience I still proceed to improve my tracks’ quality. All of this resulted in signing the contracts with the big and well-known labels: Pulsar Recordings (Serbia), Beyond The Stars Recordings (Czech Republic), Central Stage Of Music (Germany), Ultimo Records (Macedonia), Trancer Recordings (Brazil), My Music (Poland) and Luna Music (Poland). All of the tracks released there can be found and bought on iTunes, Beatport, Spotify, Juno Download and more services.
My tracks and remixes were already supported by Paul van Dyk, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Manuel Le Saux, Paul Oakenfold, Alexander Popov, Alexandre Bergheau, Mino Safy, Ikerya Project, Suzy Solar, tranzLift, Next DJ, French Skies, DJ Phalanx, Chaim Mankoff, Digital Affliction and more! I also performed numerous sets during the events in my hometown (Peron 5, Alter Ego, Elefunk – The Club, Liquid Hall, Wasabi) alongside with such world’s leading DJs and producers like: A.R.D.I, Mike van Fabio, Apple One, Martin Sas, Mr. White, Gregg Threezy, Chris Giecewicz oraz Deeno.
I still discover the new sounds and play with them, trying to go beyond my own boundaries. More and more do I realize, that the borders do not exist and the possibilities are uncountable. The great thing is the fact, that I can show this world of my own to other people. To a world, where everyone can find their place.


Agency: Remigiusz Kamiński

Email: [email protected]

The artist

Nationality: Poland

Resident in: Szczecin , Poland