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A native of Villa de Alvarez, Colima on September 23, 1995 Humbertho Arrazola better known as Humbert Reyes Reyes, DJ & Producer who started at the age of 14 years behind the turntables at age 16 with his first productions began entering a new world of music.
Since childhood with an inclination towards music, after the passage of a few years realizes begins to experience the creation of the music on their own discovers a very useful program called FL Studio.
At the age of 16 releases its weekly podcast called Limits Of The Sky was taking ground in the electronic society Colima and gradually transcending and supported by several local and national DJs and producers.
Always looking to innovate their styles with high building tracks, remixes and tunes in search of new sounds, rhythms and collaborations llamdo by the sounds of the moment seeks to position some productions on Beatport under the seal of Strawberry Digital Made Recordings and iA Records.


Email: [email protected]

The artist

Nationality: Mexico

Resident in: Mexico